April Simpson


April Simpson is an executive producer and distributor of mainstream content in the digital realm of several high-profile talent podcasts and social media channels, regularly consulting with individuals, corporations and nonprofits and show producers. For more than a decade, she produced nationally syndicated shows airing across the US for broadcast and online. As a veteran storyteller, content producer, editor and feature reporter, Simpson has had the opportunity to interview top A-list athletes, dine with Michelin star chefs and conduct one-on-one interviews with names such as Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandon and many more. She has also shot, edited and hosted food and travel features from Beijing, China to Amalfi Coast, Italy.

A Ventura resident, Simpson previously served as a volunteer communications director for Uncaged.com, a young anti-human trafficking nonprofit, where she helped guide, build and manage the organization’s brand message on all mediums.

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