Welcome to Girls Inc. of Carpinteria

Girls Incorporated® is a nonprofit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With local roots dating to 1864 and national status since 1945, Girls Inc. has responded to the changing needs of girls through research-based programs and public education efforts that empower girls to understand, value, and assert their rights. We provide programs for girls 6 to 18 years old that focus on science, math, and technology; health and sexuality; economic and financial literacy; sports skills; leadership and advocacy; and media literacy.

Girls Inc. Externship at Waxing Poetic

Read about Alisa's externship at Waxing Poetic

"Waxing Poetic is company built by and for, women. So, when Girls Inc. approached us with the idea to work with a young woman in our community, we jumped at the opportunity. Alisa, our extern, was eager to learn the ins and outs about how Waxing Poetic is operated, and did a fantastic job learning the ropes." Read more ...