¡Listos! Smart & Ready Program

As part of the Girls Inc. After-School Enrichment program, families may now register for the pilot program ¡Listos! Smart & Ready. Transforming families with FREE or Low-Cost After-School Enrichment to build a foundation for Health & Wealth.

In the post-pandemic era, Girls Inc. of Carpinteria continues to see an increased need for family financial assistance. Families are still recovering economically from layoffs, furloughs, and temporary reductions in work hours all while inflation and housing costs in the South Coast Region continue to skyrocket. ¡Listos! Smart & Ready was created to meet the communities’ financial needs and promote a healthy financial future.

The program will focus on three core areas.

  1. Financial Literacy
    Providing financial literacy classes and workshops to help families understand the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing.
  2. Savings
    Developing incentives for families to save money, such as matching funds.
  3. Investment
    Providing families with access to low-cost investments to help them build long term wealth. These tools and resources will help families build a foundation for financial stability and security.

¡Listos! Smart & Ready Program flyer (English & Spanish)

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